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Rehabilitation of an abandoned oasis

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Algeria, ECO-KSAR Amguide: project for the rehabilitation of an abandoned oasis

Partner 2 – SUD TIMMI

Partner SUD TIMMI bought a piece of land which had been abandoned and today is a desert, but was once the family oasis of Agmid. The project intends to rehabilitate the lost life in this area, that covers a surface of 1.500 ha.

During the survey on the ground 4 dry foggara were found. One of these has been dry for 17 years, but when the entrances to the underground channels was reopened, water was found underground.

The first thing that was done, with the permission of the previous owners, was to build protective walls round the foggara as was done traditionally.

The intention is to redirect the first foggara towards the palm grove, which is not completely dry and can be recovered.

An expert on the construction of saghia (the entrance and outer part of the foggara) in the region of Tamantit was called to give his advice in building the entrance to the foggara and the basin.

The regional laboratory station in Adrar examined the soil and water. The first results show that it is renewable water.

The entrance to the foggara is open to the public, and there are already visitors who are curious to see the restored drainage tunnels. Architects from the university de Ain Abah want to contribute to the rehabilitation of the ksar.







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