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7 – Demonstrate the potentialities of the new culture on the use of resources through the implementation of pilot projects

The success of the pilot projects depends on the following factors:

1)      The scientific research project must be founded on a clear idea that must be communicable in an original way and have a direct implication in decision and concrete action making.

2)      The project must not be limited to research but should also organize on the ground operations to show the public opinion what the practical effects on everyday life are.

3)      Encourage the participation of partners who are already working with research projects and on the ground activities and implement their involvement in European projects.

4)      Give the project other outcomes and a continuity that go beyond the research in itself by creating a solid relationship with the partners, networks and pilot actions. To achieve this the three years term usually assigned to single projects are not sufficient. It would be convenient to extend the partnership to several related projects.

5)      The project’s finality should not constitute for the partners, or at least for the scientific project coordinator, an occasional or marginal commitment, but should be the centre of his activities and be part of his individual mission. For this reason it is important that the partners were previously involved in the project’s finality and that they will carry on being concerned in it later on.

6)      It is important to pursue not only the results of the specific project but also to prompt every possible related outcome.

7)      Partners should develop a real collaboration and a sharing of intentions as well as the general view that must be directed, developed and communicated by the scientific coordinator, who will be entitled to.

8)      The project must not be directed and monitored in a bureaucratic way through the inspection of the WP’s procedures, but it must be flexible and allow a certain degree of autonomy in order to achieve objective results and to be able to undertake new and unexpected directions.

9)      Other scientists and organisms at a national and international level must not carry out the project in an isolated research context but within an issue that has been previously developed. In this sense the greatest receptivity to the participation of international organisms and research groups is necessary together with the implementation of sharing and dissemination protocols with no copy right on results.

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