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6 – Getting policy makers involved

The most suitable methods to involve policy makers are:

1)      Create the best level as possible in the communication and participation to the projects.

2)      Involve the Local Government Administrators and policy makers right from the beginning of the projects, e.g. by organizing conferences hosted by the Public Administration and inviting politicians and citizens on the same occasions of the project meetings.

3)      Achieve visibility in the mass media by communicating the projects’ validity in a disseminated and original way, highlighting that the scientific results have practical consequences both on the specific choices and on the general view of the world.

4)      Create the most active local participation in order to involve the administration and the public opinion in the projects’ finalities. 

5)      Involve the national and international organisms that work in inherent sectors to the projects by inviting their representatives to the scientific conferences of the projects and by forwarding their scientific results to international conventions.

6)      Involve the economic sectors that may be interested in the projects’ scientific results and encourage them to finance the implementation phases.

7)      Involve greater society sectors through associations and pressure groups and by divulgating the projects’ scientific results in collateral events.

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