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Reduction of water use for irrigation

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Proposals for the reduction of hydraulic use in irrigation of trees and bushes

Author: Francesco Ferrini, Florence University, Department of Market Gardening

Contact: francesco.ferrini@unifi.it

Website: www.dofi.unifi.it

The regulations for irrigating Green public areas must be modified to reduce the consumption of water.
Possible solutions are choosing types of plants which tolerate scarcity of water or using treated sewerage water.

Newly planted trees need big quantities of water initially, some commercial solutions have been created: the “Treegator” for example is made of plastic bags that are fixed to the base of the tree and have a permeable bottom so the water they contain gradually flows into the earth. The bags must initially be filled once a week.

Junior2Tree_300x340 JuniorShrub_300x340


The advantage of this system is that it enables a continuous drip-irrigation without having to build a fixed system .

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