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Meeting on “Climate disorder and environmental and artistic heritage: the role of education and communication” Florence 7 november 2007

7 Novembre, 2007 by admin

logo_unescoOn the 7th November 2007 the meeting

“Climate disorder and environmental and artistic heritage: the role of education and communication” was held as part of the events organized for the decade for Sustainable development proclamed by the UN and with the patronage of UNESCO

 conf UNESCO 7 novFI

In the photo from the left side Silvia Meiattini, Federica Rolle, Marialuisa Stringa, Giampiero Maracchi, Pietro Laureano


Prof. Marialuisa Stringa , President of the UNESCO Centre of Florence, highlighted the importance of education to sustainable development and the organization of meetings and events to disseminate information about the environmental issues. She then invited the speakers to make their presentations.

Mrs. Federica Rolle, Manager of the UNESCO Development Programme explained about the organizations and institutions who work in Italy to implement the Development Programme.

Ms. Silvia Meiattini summarized the issues that were discussed during the first Italian National Conference on Climate Change that was held in Rome 12-13 September 2007.

Prof. Pietro Laureano, President of IPOGEA centre on traditional and Local Knowledge, presented a discussion on the “Crisis of ecosystems and cultural landscapes” defyning traditional techniques and knowledge as the sustainable means to confront climate disorder caused by climate change.

Prof. Giampiero Maracchi, Director of the Florence Institute for Biometeorology CNR, discussed about “Climate change and economic globalization” schematizing the nature of today’s processes of climate change and his views on the negative consequences of a globalized economy based on oil, such as is the economy of the Western countries.

Prof. Marialuisa Stringa then thanked all the participants and invited everyone to participate to the next formative meetings that are due in february and March 2008.

for information on the formative meetings please contact

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